Our Vision

The ROZ Group is an innovative, strategic planning and marketing/communications firm. We pride ourselves in having had broad-based, hands-on experiences that allow us to bring a wealth of resources and connections to our work. We have developed new plans as well as new products. We love projects that allow us to participate in the bigger global world and we are especially adept at working with communities to ensure that everyone has a voice in the important issues that affect us as citizens and human beings. We are especially fond of projects that allow us to promote education and inter-cultural understanding. We absolutely love content and that is especially evident when we delve into science and history projects.

Our experiences transcend several industries. As such we are able to communicate complex concepts and systems to a broader public. And we go into interesting spaces to ensure that we can develop relevant plans and programs.

The ROZ Group Inc. is the vision of Rosalyn J. McPherson, a seasoned executive with more than thirty years of marketing, communications, and product development expertise in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Since the firm’s inception, we have managed the development of historic sites; developed marketing and communications strategies for major construction projects; developed strategies for tourism; prepared business plans for healthcare foundations; and facilitated think tanks including one for the revitalization of a luxury ocean liner.

Our Services

Our experiences are broad-based and hands-on as professional communicators, marketers, product developers, and community liaisons. Our particular content specialties are history and science. Since the firm’s inception, we have managed major history projects from idea generation to finished project; developed marketing and communications strategies and initiatives, specifically in the areas of cultural tourism, the arts, and hospitality. We are especially well-versed in those projects that promote intercultural exchange and that promote civic engagement and education.

  • Development and implementation of strategic marketing and public relations plans
  • Management of creative projects, especially museum exhibitions, historic sites and multi-media educational programs, ensuring that they are on time and on budget
  • Educational product development
  • Facilitation of stakeholder input meetings
  • Planning, hosting, and facilitation of charrettes, think tanks, and brainstorming sessions
  • Organizing public meetings, especially for community engagement
  • Fundraising support
  • Market research
  • Custom publishing and editorial services
  • Creation of inter-organizational partnerships

Our Partnerships

We pride ourselves in having a comprehensive national database of contacts resources that we call upon based on the needs of each individual client. For more than 30 years, the members of our team have been in the business of developing and marketing product and experiences that are educational and entertaining. We love to broker relationships for our clients that provide functional support as well as the opportunity to explore new ways of doing things in an increasingly complex, competitive environment. We also love to connect the dots by creating partnerships between organizations.

We work with both corporate and non-profit organizations, often forging alliances between the two. We assemble cross-functional teams to complete the task at hand. These teams usually include writers, editors, graphic designers, exhibit developers, public relations specialists, and fund-raising specialists. We also assemble advisory boards to inform our work that include educators, government officials, marketers, entertainers, social workers, museum professionals, medical professionals, publishers, historians and scientists.

The RoZ Group

The ROZ Group’s Key Associates:

For Branding
and Graphic Design

Richard Cress

Ife Designs
Ife Nii Owo

For Publishing Projects

Practical Strategies Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)
Margaret Moran

For Exhibit Design Projects

Eisterhold & Associates (Kansas City, KS)
Jerry Eisterhold

Alusiv (Philadelphia, PA)
Richard Cress

The RoZ Group