The ROZ Group cultivates and manages ideas that connect the past, the present and the future,
AND develops and communicates your vision and strategic goals.

Informative. Educational. Engaging.

We are passionate about ideas — managing them, cultivating them, communicating them …
teaching them to stand, to walk, and to run.

We are experienced marketing and communications strategists who are well-versed in taking the germ of an idea, be it a communications campaign or a public program and delivering an impactful, highly visible result.

We welcome dynamic opportunities in a number of content areas and industries among them: Education, Hospitality & Tourism, Cultural Arts, Health Care, Transportation, Science and History.

We are especially adept at taking complex subjects and making them accessible to a broad public.

And we are a team of culturally diverse associates with a sensitized eye…

P: 215.756.3222
F: 856.261.4023

The RoZ Group